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Popular Destinations

The Pyramid of Tirana, a symbol of the capital of Albania


Explore the vibrant capital with its rich history and lively culture.

Historic Kruje Castle perched on the mountain


Visit the medieval castle and the old market in this historic town.

Scenic view of the Albanian Riviera near Dhermi


Relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy the stunning Albanian Riviera.

Beautiful beaches of Ksamil with its four islands in the distance


Discover crystal clear waters and pristine islands in this coastal paradise.

Gjirokaster Citadel, a well-preserved castle and UNESCO World Heritage site


Step back in time in this city known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture.

The vibrant port of Saranda, a gateway to the southern Albanian coast


Enjoy the seaside promenade and nearby ancient ruins in this beautiful town.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AlbaniaVisit help users find cheap flights to Albania?

AlbaniaVisit makes it easy to find Albania flights by helping our users search from 100+ travel sites for deals. We also provide you with filters for cabin, price, airline, airports, number of stops, and many more to narrow down that perfect flight.

Why should you use AlbaniaVisit to find cheap flight tickets to Albania?

AlbaniaVisit taps into our reliable network of hundreds of airlines and travel agencies to find the best deals for flights to Albania for you. Better yet — we are completely free to use.

Can AlbaniaVisit find flights to Albania with no change fees?

Yes, we can. To see specific flights to Albania with no change fees, users can toggle flexible booking options after using the search form above to find flights.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Albania?

The cheapest month to fly to Albania is currently February.

Are there any direct flights to Albania?

No airlines offer direct flights between the United States and Albania. Most routes have one or more stops.

How much do round-trip flights to Albania cost?

The best price for a round-trip flight was recently $358.

What are the passport and visa requirements for U.S. travelers to Albania?

U.S. citizens need a valid passport that remains valid for at least 90 days beyond the date of arrival in Albania. No visa is required for stays under one year, but a residency permit is needed for longer stays.

What airports are located in Albania?

Flights from the U.S. land at Tirana Airport (TIA), Albania’s main international airport, conveniently located near major cities like Durrës, Elbasan, Shkodër, and Vlorë.

What are the child seat laws for car rentals in Albania?

Children up to four years old must use a child restraint seat. Children under 12 can only sit in the front seat with an appropriate restraint device. These laws don't apply to taxis, where children just need to ride in the rear seat.

How can I get from Tirana Airport to the city center?

There's no train service, but the Rinas Express bus runs hourly from the airport to the city, taking about 30 minutes.

How do I reach coastal cities like Vlore?

You'd typically fly to Tirana Airport then take a dedicated shuttle to Vlore. Alternatively, you can travel to Brindisi Airport in Italy and take a ferry to Vlore.